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aheadworks Blog not showing up or empty in Magento

by Ben

I recently set up a new Magento website from fresh and then install a new theme follow by installing aheadworks blog extension.

Everything works fine until I installed the blog extension and I encounter a 404 not found page in backend.
I logged out and login in backend and able to see the blog admin page. Fine.

I then check out my frontend store and i couldnt see any blog link on top or bottom.
I tried visiting /blog page but it shows an empty page.

Googled online and found out that the extension only install the files to the magento default folder.
If you are using custom theme, you would need to copy them to your theme folder.
Below are the folders/files to copy

app/design/frontend/[THEME FOLDER]/default/template/aw_blog

app/design/frontend/[THEME FOLDER]/default/layout/aw_blog.xml

skin/frontend/[THEME FOLDER]/default/aw_blog

Flush/Clear your cache and try again

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