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Pawns.app – My Real Actual Earning

by Ben

Are you interested to know how much you would actually earn for using Pawns.app? Check out my real actual earning now.

What is Pawns.app

Unlike other app which display Ads or require you to watch or click some links, Pawns.app is a fire-and-forget app that sits in the background and share your unused internet.

It is available in multiple platform and you do not feel any high CPU or slowness when using it.

My Earning

There is no daily or monthly statistic to show my earning. Based on the monthly report I have received:-

Sep 20203 = $$24.077

Oct 2023 = $25.627

I earned about $1.55 per month, sharing about 7.75GB

Based on the country I based in, my current rate is $0.2/GB. I have been using for about a year and I have accumulate $35.56 and shared 170GB. This work out to $0.2/GB as advertised.

What’s the catch?

There is a minimum payout of $5


Pawn.app will not get you a Lamborghini, it certainly will not offset your netflix but it is good to earn some side income if you use PC regularly or have a mobile with unlimited data plan.

Try out Pawns.app and get $3 free

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