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GetGrass – My Real Actual Earning

by Ben

Want to know how much you can earn from GetGrass? Check out my earning here.

What is GetGrass.io

GetGrass is a browser extension that sell your unused internet to AI companies, who use it to scrape the internet and train their models.

In return you will earn points through referral or your unused internet. At the current moment, it is in pilot phases and you will not be able to redeem the points for any reward at the moment nor did they explain how the points will be used when its open to public.

My Earning

Below are the breakdown of the points I have earned from 2 nodes running 24/7 everyday.

I only joined the program from Epoch 2 onwards.

Taking the average of Epoch 3 and Epoch 4, I earned a total of 247.49K points.

And after excluding referral rewards of 18.62K, I earned about 103.44K points for 2 Nodes.

Hence for 1 node, I earned about 51.72K of points for 1 epoch.

Taking the daily earning statistics, for both nodes, I earned an average of 3.1 to 3.5K for 2 nodes or about 1.5 to 1.7K for 1 node.

What’s the catch?

There is no announcement on how the points will be used or redeem nwo. I believe being a web3 company, they will probably disburse the points in the form of tokens once it goes live.


Since it’s sitting as a browser extension there is absolutely no ads or popup shown and there is no slowness during the web browsing, why not give it a try and earn points.

Use my referral link to join.

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