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My Netflix was hacked!

by Ben

First, I received emails from netflix that my account was signed in from USA and France.

Secondly, I received email that my password was changed

Third, I received email that my netflix email was changed!

Luckily , i discovered this and quickly login to netflix and do a reset password by sending the password to my phone number (the mobile number wasnt changed at this point in time).

After i have settled with login, i called Netflix helpline to escalate the matter. A lady picked up and i explained to her on the episode and requested to remove the stored credit card number that was tied to my account number and also asked how i can cancel my account entirely.

To my surprised, she told me that i need to add another credit card to ‘remove’ the stored credit card. How ironic. I also asked how can i cancel my account entirely. She say no and told me that it will be cancelled automatically 10 months after i cancel my subscription. I couldn’t get the answer i wanted and i decided to try the Live Chat.

Another person assisted me in the Live Chat. He send me links on how to secured my account and also links on how to delete my account entirely.

To delete the account entirely, i need to cancel my membership followed by contacting privacy@netflix.com to delete my account before the 10 months kick in. I will do that. Refer to here

As to how i got hacked, i suspect that it was when i was connected to a paid VPN services and launched Netflix iphone app when i was overseas. This happened on the same day I got hacked.

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