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building new app with symfony : week 1

by Ben

Going to build a new photography website which will be maintain by my friend and myself.

Am looking at the current popular PHP frameworks which need to fufil the following requirement

  1. rapid development
  2. easy maintainance
  3. user account management
  4. file upload
  5. able to integrate easily with image manipulation library (GD lib)
  6. Suitable for a shared-hosting environment

Currently shortlisted

  1. CakePHP (which I have some experience with version 1.2)
  2. Symfony

Had do some googling and below are the pros and cons for each frameworks



  1. easy to code
  2. built in security access
  3. access of data via arrays


  1. Quite new as compare to Symony
  2. No (or little?) test functionality?



  1. able to build an enterprise app (otherwise why would yahoo use it?)
  2. access of data via propel or doctrine (i.e. object oriented) as they are well supported
  3. Able to reload data easily
  4. Able to create test cases


  1. steep learning curve
  2. Complicated?

I decided to give myself a week to learn Syfmony before I decide which framework to use.

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