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Migrating Symfony1 to Symfony2: Weekend 1

by Ben

Before i start, i am not a Symfony pro.

I have a day job and i am updating my website on my freetime (usually on the weekends).

Its been 2-3 years ever since i last update my other website.

Hence, this timeblog is not really for experts looking for answer here but more of keeping a record of how i update the framework so that i do not need to ‘re’-read the whole cookbook/tutorial again.

I hope you may find some useful information from my blog here. If do, please drop some comments here.

Read the overview and tutorial briefly from symfony website and its time to install one clean copy in my development machine

Installed latest XAMPP

And the composer

And as per Symfony’s instruction, enter

composer create-project symfony/framework-standard-edition path/ "2.5.*"

to install symfony framework to your machine.

Next, add the virtual host to your apache and get it started

ServerName www.hostphotocontest.com.localhost

DocumentRoot "G:/Websites/hostphotocontest/hostphotocontest_site_sym2/Symfony/path/web"
<Directory "G:/Websites/hostphotocontest/hostphotocontest_site_sym2/Symfony/path/web">
# enable the .htaccess rewrites
AllowOverride All
Require all granted

ErrorLog "D:/xampp/apache/logs/project_error.log"
CustomLog "D:/xampp/apache/logs/project_access.log" combined

Make sure the website(e.g www.hostphotocontest.com.localhost) is added to your hosts file so that when u load www.hostphotocontest.com.localhost in your local browser, it is actually calling apache to load the symfony

OK. Website loaded but it keep showing error.
Right. Production is not setup yet. I need to load DEV environment instead.

Hence, i load http://www.hostphotocontest.com.localhost:8000/app_dev.php/ in my browser instead (read ‘app_dev.php’).

Website loaded. Installation is good.

And i spend the rest of the weekend in re-designing my website with bootstrap.

End of Weekend 1

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