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extend wireless network: Part 2 – extend with linksys (DD-WRT)

by Ben

In this 2nd part of “extend dlink 655 wireless network with linksys (DD-WRT) and engenius routers“, I will show you how to set your linksys router (DD-WRT firmware) to connect to d-link 655 router in WDS mode.

To recap, my linksys router is a repeater of my main internet router d-link655 and it is connected to a printer.

Click on the below screenshots below to enlarge

1. Configuration in basic setup.

Here yo set both gateway and local DNS server to

2.  Click on ‘Wireless’ tab and ‘basic settings’ subtab.

Select ‘Client Bridge’ mode

3. Select ‘Wireless Security’ sub tab

Enter your  security mode and shared key

4. Go to ‘Advanced Settings’. I think I leave everything as default.

5. Go to ‘WDS’ subtab.

Enter your main router IP address for the first line. This is to tell your router to linked up with your main router

6. Reboot both your main router and dd-wrt router and try again.

Does it works?

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Selma January 13, 2015 - 7:22 pm

Hey i really liked your style and design. Thought your thing was actually really cool.

Erik September 8, 2015 - 8:29 pm

I try to do this with one dlink 655 router and dlink 905L, i do the same process and i hace some problems to do…

my config is
Main router dlink 655
dhcp active

second router dlink 905L
same subnet mask than main, same ssid and pass
no dhcp
WDS is on and mac address entered is of the main

your dlink 655 has WDS option or you only active WDS in the other routers only?


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